Absolute waxing

Will it make my hair grow back darker/thicker?

This is a myth about waxing and shaving actually. This probably comes from about the time young women start shaving their legs it is usually around puberty and hormones change the way body hair grows. Shaving and waxing are very different. First of all shaving is the same as mowing your lawn, the same hair grows after you cut it, just like the same blade of grass grows after cutting. Cutting it doesn't effect how it grows. Now waxing we remove the hair from the root, and it actually has the opposite effect!


How long does it last?

Everybody is different but we all have body hair that grows in 3 different cycles that is constantly shedding away and replacing itself so you don't notice. So when you start waxing you will notice the cycles because all of the hair will be gone then at first you will only see about 1/3 of the hair grow back. How soon after your wax just depends which cycle of hair you happened to be in on the day you come in.  This is why I offer a free cleanup a week after your wax if you are preparing for events like a vacation or a wedding/honeymoon, so we can ensure you are hairless for your big trip!

Does it hurt?

The famous question is, “Does it hurt?” my answer is…. you will feel it! It is just like having your eyebrows waxed (or ripping a bandaid off your skin if you have never been waxed), you will feel it only right after the wax is removed. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but it is nothing you can’t handle. If the results of the waxing wasn’t worth it, nobody would be doing it.  The first is always the worst because those hairs have never been removed by the root before. Come see me regularly for maintenance waxing and every wax will get easier as your hair becomes thinner and finer. 

If you ever have any issues, questions, or concerns after a wax PLEASE don’t hesitate to call, text, email me. I will be able to help you! It is very important to me that you are satisfied with your treatment, and if you are not I need to know so I am able to make it right and better meet your needs in your next treatment.